Would you like to feel toned, strong, bendy and ache free? Pilates gives you strength from the inside out, creates release where there was tension and lengthens and tones your muscles.

4Most Fitness Pilates and Massage Therapy Studio

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The 4Most Fitness Pilates and massage therapy studio in Liverpool is a fully equipped Pilates Studio providing excellent Pilates instruction with STOTT PILATES® Professional Reformers with Cadillac Towers, Small Arc Barrels and Stability Chairs, as well as a complete range of small equipment to challenge and strengthen your body. 4Most Fitness has an open-minded approach to exercise for all abilities and aims to provide personal training and group classes for everyone from complete novice to advanced athlete.

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The massage technique we use at the 4Most Fitness studio is NO HANDS. It is a dynamic new form of massage that is sweeping the world as one of the most powerful new therapeutic massage treatments available. Find out more.